Some Boating Basics

boating The art of boating includes a lot of fun with this spectacular outdoor activity. Boating does not exclude anyone. This is an activity for single people as well as for families. Exploring the beautiful waters is an exhilarating experience. A day filled with fishing fun is relaxing and exciting at the same time. The boating basics include boating terms. It is a good starting point. It is a good idea to also know about boat lift covers and boat safety, knowing your boat intimately will be beneficial. The following terms are included in the basics. There are many more terms you will learn as you go along with your boating experience. Start with the sample list of boating terminology:

* PFD; this is a personal flotation device. This may be a safety jacket or vest. This will keep individuals afloat
* overboard; this is a term referring to over the side of the boat. It may mean a person or an item has slipped into the water
* outdrive; this is referring to the lower unit. It is the stern-drive motor. It houses the drive gears. This is where the propeller will fasten.
* PWC; this refers to personal watercraft. It is typically a smaller and lightweight craft. It is jet-propelled. This is designed for standing or sitting. It may have motorcycle handlebars
* power cruiser; this is a multihull powerboat. It provides accommodations for an overnight. It is usually around 40 feet long
* racer; this is usually used for competition and speed. It is a sailboat with very few built-in comforts
* range; this is a term referring to the amount of distance a boat can travel. This is at cruising speed with a tank of fuel
sailing* radar; this is an electronic device. The purpose is to find and detect objects while showing their locations and positions on a monitor. This is a high-frequency item
* safety chains; this is considered to be a safety measure. These chains are legally mandated. They are intended to connect a trailer to a tow vehicle. This is done in case a coupler detaches
* rod holder; this is a device designed for security and safety. It is for holding fishing rods. The rod may be held in a vertical or a horizontal position

These are only ten commonly used boating terms to be aware of. There is an entire boat glossary filled with the many used boating terminology. These are a sample to get you started or to reinforce them.

The Stress Reducing Hobby

Those who live a hectic lifestyle may already know that boating is a fantastic hobby. The soothing waters and the entire boating experience is one that may even reduce stress. Boating can even relieve loneliness because many people enjoy the camaraderie that can come with the entire boating lifestyle. There can be a peaceful interaction with the crystal blue waters and the boat motor that many people find very soothing thus relieving stress.